Sep 17, 2012

weekend escape


For the second time this summer, work brought me to Houston and allowed me to spend some time with my Texas cousins this weekend. As if the four ladies pictured above aren't reason enough to come to visit, there are also two precious new babies in Texas that I cannot get enough of. They wore SEC gear all weekend - opposing each other in Texas vs. Ole Miss gear - needless to say I was dying of cute overload the entire weekend.

I love living in New York more than anything, but I absolutely rejoice in any opportunity to visit a real home with a real backyard. I mean, if I wanted to plop down in the grass I would have to walk over 5 blocks to the closest park. And I would probably be plopping in somebody's bathroom - dog or human. Likely both. On Saturday afternoon we decided spur of the moment to grill out with family and a few friends. Within the hour we had all the necessary fixings and all the necessary company for an afternoon full of chardonnay, burgers, and babies. It sounds so simple, but things just don't happen that easily in Manhattan! Everything has to be deliberate - you can only buy the amount of groceries that you can carry back to your apartment, after all. But then, other people can't decide on a whim to go see a Broadway show, or take a jaunt through Central Park, or see a new exhibit, or just walk around and take this bustling city in either, can they? I love escaping the city from time to time, but for now, this crazy place is home.

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  1. Looks like a fun and great weekend. Pretty babies and pretty girls!