Sep 24, 2012

sweatshirt weather: nantucket edition

This blog is named Sweatshirt Weather for a reason: because Fall (sweatshirt weather) is hands down the most beautiful, enjoyable time of year and is my favorite time to do the things that I love. When the weather cools, the pace of things just naturally slows down in a way that allows us me to get refocused, recharged and reconnected. The ability to show up to work NOT completely drenched in sweat definitely plays in Fall's favor as well.

As I have mentioned, it was an insane summer - in the best way possible - but I was away from New York a LOT and have missed spending good quality time with my friends. So when our friend Carver invited us to spend the weekend at her family's home in Nantucket, to say we all jumped at the opportunity would be the understatement of the century. Seven of us headed up there this weekend to relax, explore, eat home cooked meals, and just enjoy being with each other. Carver's sweet parents were so kind to wine and dine us all weekend - we owe them a much bigger thanks than a planter of City Bakery cookies could ever say! This weekend full of laughter, friendship and crisp air was the best possible way to usher in Fall and sweatshirt weather.


  1. This is very nice. You and you're freinds are very beatiful.

  2. waaaaa :0 beautiful pictures!! :)
    follow u ;)