Sep 19, 2012

end of summer salad

My roommates and I are all on such insanely different schedules that we often go days without even crossing paths. I hate this, because I love them. I've even gotten into the habit of texting them on my walk home "hey! i'm going to be in the living room for the next hour!" just in case our schedules might align for long enough to cry over an episode of Glee together... or whatever.

This end-of-summer salad was meant to be a big roommate dinner that would finally gather the five of us in one place for long enough to sit and catch up. But, of course, only two of us ended up making it to dinner. Luckily, Carver and I did not have a problem scarfing down the leftovers. I won't include a recipe because it is all right there in the opening photo - just portion out the different ingredients according to what suits you. The one thing I will say is that I think I finally achieved the perfect caramelized onion on this one. I am always way too impatient, and take them off the burner the second they become translucent. But since I was waiting on my roommates to come home, I had some built in caramelization time. I kept them on for at least 20 minutes and it was so worth the wait.


  1. this looks so yummy! I bought a bunch of strawberries the other day!..will have to try this out :) thanks for the great recipe!

    XO Meghan

  2. you cried during glee? how embarrassing.

  3. This salad looks so yummy!! I can't wait to try it :)


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  5. that looks so good... and i'm not even a salad person... i am drooling right about now


  6. This looks so delicious - can't wait to try!!