Aug 2, 2012

the little things

My jewelry collection had gotten pretty out of control - so I vowed that when I moved, I would make cuts. I threw out a lot of old earrings and necklaces that I knew I would never wear again (it frightens me that I ever wore a lot of these), and kept around only the things I love (and have actually worn in the past year). The rest of my room can get pretty messy- so it's nice to have at least one happy little organized area, especially since it's a first stop in the morning. Aside from the jewelry itself, the mini-gallery wall and shelf is filled with little gifts and items that make me smile.

[hourglass and african wooden bowl were christmas presents from my friend jane + jonathan adler laquer tray + ring plate pictured in first photo was an engagement gift from my darling mp]

[john derian corn man and woman plate was an engagement gift from my sweet friend lily]

[self-stitched 10 mil besos + dino drawing from my friend vincent + tiny paintings from a family trip to guatemala]

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