Aug 21, 2012

engagement party 2.0

Remember how my friends in New York threw us the best engagement party of all time? Well, they are now tied for that spot. My new in-laws threw us a spectacular party in Charlotte, NC last weekend. They pitched a huge white tent in the backyard, strung the most beautiful lights, arranged the most beautiful flowers, served the most delicious array of food, and hired such a fun bluegrass band to play all night. Best of all was the extreme mud from days of raining- it was a shoes off soiree and by the end of the night my dress was covered in mud. I loved it.

But what really made it special was the unbelievable number of people who came from far away places to be there with us to celebrate. Since we have to hold off on a wedding for another year, it meant SO incredibly much that so many were able to make the trip. I didn't even beg like I normally would have, because I knew it was such a big ask for people to come down to Charlotte just for one night. And when people do things without having to be begged, that's when you know they really love you. We are beyond lucky. These have been the happiest three months of my life largely because my friends and family have made every effort at every point along the way to make us feel like the most special and loved people on earth. I don't know how I'll ever say a big enough thank you. So for now, just enjoy the pics from our muddy fĂȘte!

 [so many friends in town! hanging by the pool pre-party]
 [thanks to my wonderful cousin Kat for taking all of these great pics]

 [goat mac 'n cheese bar. oh baby]
 [happy family]
 [old friends and new friends who are all friends..greatest thing in the world]

[bunny ears by two Chambers at the same time - CLASSIC]

It was the (tied for) best night ever!

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  1. i love the coozies! what a great slogan/idea. also i love the twinkly lights! congrats to you and your fiance