Aug 23, 2012

garden party in the living room

I love being home in NC for a million reasons - the biggest of which is just kicking it with my family at our house. When it's warm we spend a lot of time outside around the pool, in the pool, grilling, eating... but sadly when we were home last weekend it rained the entire time. So to bring a bit of our backyard inside, my mom and I ran out into the rain with shears in hand and clipped away. I absolutely love this antique brass drink dispenser that my mom recently dug out of storage and polished up - and I love it even more when it's filled with our yard's last summer flowers. I definitely want to use it as some sort of floral piece at my wedding - it will look awesome at our venue, which we also officially decided on while home! Making it happen, y'all. 


  1. This is a very expertly placed arrangement.

    More importantly though:

    you had all of those flowers just kickin' around in your backyard?

    Do you live in a magical fairyland?

    Also, I need to move somewhere with nicer flowers.

    1. my mom has a gorgeous backyard filled with lots of pretty flowers - it is pretty magical!