Aug 20, 2012

beachfront entertaining

At the end of every trip to Bald Head Island, my family without fail ends up with insane amounts of leftover food that we are too lazy to pack back up and haul off the island. So our last night of vacation usually turns into a smorgasbord feast of epic proportions. This past Friday was no exception, but this time I actually had a way to put the leftover food and wine to good use! A friend had just arrived on the island with his parents who I have been wanting to meet - so we invited them over for some late afternoon hors d'oeuvres. I made a cold crab dip that I will share later this week, but otherwise just set out some cheeses with fresh cherries and honey, chips and salsa, and wine. Lots of fun on a really beautiful night!

[i really love this lobster chip-and-dip because the dip looks like lobster guts - yum!]
[our collection of oceanic platters is astounding. every dish on the table either had a fish on it or was itself shaped like a fish. they really help remind you that you are indeed at the beach]

 [fish tray, fish bowl, perfect for drinking wine like a fish]


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  2. those men are very handsome, lucky gal! and the fish platters are very appropriate, love it