Aug 17, 2012

from bald head

Bald Head is my favorite place on earth, and I am lucky to have been able to spend the last week down here with my family. It's rare that we are all able to get down here at the same time any more, so having the whole family together is especially awesome. We've tried Stand Up Paddleboarding, fished to no avail, been decimated by giant waves, and sat on the front deck for hours. And cooking with such a kick ass view of the Atlantic and fresh seafood and produce from Will's garden rules. This has been the best vacation ever, but back to reality on Monday morning!

[produce stands (sanctioned and not) line the final stretch to the beach]
 [day 1 of fishing]
 [best deck in the world]
 [groover central]
 [still trying. not a single bite]
 [taco night. 3rd one this month. i may need to add a new meal to my repertoire]
[breakfast tacos (taco+a fried egg) might be the best breakfast ever]

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