Oct 4, 2012

urban fireplace

Living in the city rules 97% of the time, but there are some comforts of the home that us urban dwellers majorly miss out on. The biggest one is definitely a backyard (duh) but now that summer is ending and Fall is here, I'm already starting to miss the ability to have a big roaring fire on a chilly night. They are one of my favorite things about being home and remind me of happy times hanging with my family. SO, lucky us, one of my roommate's wonderful mothers brought up this old mantle and it is making our living space oh-so-cheery. Even though it isn't exactly capable of holding a big fire, it has definitely made our big open loft space feel a whole lot more cozy for the winter.

How to make an urban fireplace:

It might not contain a roaring fire, but this no-fire-fireplace definitely warms up our living room!


  1. love this, what a great way to add some spice to a room!


  2. This is an adorable idea! Love it.

    <3 Melissa