Oct 8, 2012

s'more season

Despite the rambunctious weather (it was 77º on Saturday and 55º on Sunday), it was a beautiful weekend in NYC. Spent a lot of time with friends and got a lot of tasks accomplished that I put off all summer. My roommates and I completed an awesome project in our apartment that I'll share later this week. Several of us also took a day trip to Connecticut on Sunday for some r&r, a long walk, cooking and flopping around in front of a fire. There are about a million reasons why we are always escaping the city, but there are even more that pull us back. The weather report reads below 65º everyday this week, so I'm thinking it's going to be a good one. Happy Fall!


  1. S'mores in front of the fire looks so cozy and yummy. Looking forward to seeing what awesome apt. project you completed. =)
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  2. Looooove S'mores! Yum.