Oct 1, 2012

diy: striped lampshade

I loved this little lamp's drum shade. But, when I put it on my bedside table beside my all white bedding and against my white walls, it looked so washed out. I was going to add some chevron stripes to spice things up- but I got halfway there (taping wise) and decided I liked the way these stripes looked. I used a very light coat of silver metallic spray paint and about 25 minutes later had a fun new lampshade. It definitely isn't perfect - the lines bled and the stripes are definitely not even sized - but I still like how it turned out. I'm thinking next I may paint the lamp base a matte white, but I'm happy with it for now!

And of course #5: enjoy!


  1. Hi,

    What a lovely idea. Creative, cheap, and quick....beautiful.

  2. This is such a good idea! I absolutely love it :)

  3. This is a super cute idea! I have an ugly lampshade I will have to try and do this with!
    - Monica
    Caravan of Style

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