Oct 5, 2012

ten acts of kindness

Before 2012 ends, I've made a commitment to carry out at least ten acts of kindness. This article by Amy Looney, the wife of Brendan Looney, was published on the eve of the two year anniversary of his death. Amy is an admirable lady who has pushed through adversity with grace by honoring her late husband and encouraging others to understand and appreciate the daily sacrifices of our nation's military families.

Two years after her husband's death, she's made a simple request:

"To honor the memory of all our fallen heroes and show support for their families, I would like to challenge every American to perform 10 acts of kindness before 2012 concludes. By uniting during such divided times, we can show the world that America is still the world’s brightest light."

She's not asking a lot - just for us all to make a conscious effort to show kindness to one another in honor of our heroes. To "come together and be kind".

My first act was carried out on September 21st, the anniversary of Brendan's death. I dedicated the very big smiles a few extremely hard working yet under appreciated construction workers to Brendan and Amy that day.

So, I'm in. Are you?

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  1. That's a great idea. Being kind helps to set the example for others and carry on a positive kindness loop.